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Missionary Kids are TCKs

A TCK (Third Culture Kid) is an individual who spent their developmental years outside their parents' passport country due to their parent's occupation or service, including roles in the military, missionary work, foreign service, NGOs, and related fields. If this description applies to the experiences of your children, we invite you to keep your children in mind whenever you encounter this term.


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With a multitude of workshops, exclusive content, and monthly group sessions, our Memberships are a simple way to continuously learn about the needs of TCKs and how you can utilize preventive care in your home to build resilience in your TCKs. 
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We don't want for you to have to figure out alone what the best package is for your family. You've got enough to sort out! Regardless of where your family is in your journey, we'll create a custom Family Care Package that meets your family’s needs. Our Family Care Packages might include:
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— TCK Specific Curricula

A learning experience designed for TCK emotional health

Our curricula were developed specifically for Third Culture Kids and the challenges that their unique lifestyles present. These curricula empower TCKs to rise and meet those challenges in emotionally healthy ways designed to promote lifelong thriving. 


This curricula guides TCKs through Biblical accounts as they learn how to apply Scriptures to their emotional wellbeing.


Lessons for the whole family that target key areas found to help TCK families thrive. 
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We're constantly finding new ways to equip and support families like yours, which means our catalog has become quite extensive. If you ever wonder "Does TCK Training have anything for...." please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. In the meantime, here are some of our "Secret Menu" offerings!