2023 Features, Part 1

Resources for Different Sectors

Our work and research (and staff!) were featured on a wide variety of blogs, podcasts, and magazines during 2023. This is the first in a series of five blog posts in which we will be sharing different features from throughout 2023. 

We're starting out by highlighting the variety of different sectors that featured our work this year. We have targeted statistics for a wide range of mobility sectors and educational types, which allows us to speak directly to the unique needs of different sectors. This collection of features spans the diplomatic, corporate, and mission sectors. In an upcoming features post, we'll also look at features designed for educators and others in the international education world.

2023 Features for Different Sectors

Tanya Crossman wrote a piece for The Lonely Diplomat blog, exploring data from diplomat kids presented in our first two white papers - and additional content not previously shared! There are quotes from diplomat kids, from the survey and Tanya's book, and care for diplomat parents caught between the demands of work and family.

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Tanya's exploration of the experiences of diplomat kids through both qualitative and quantitative data continues in this powerful podcast episode with Phil McAuliffe, The Lonely Diplomat himself. Phil introduces the episode this way:

"We need to have a kind and honest conversation about how we – as a global diplomatic community – show up in support of our littlest and junior diplomats so they have the upbringing we all wish for them."

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Tanya Crossman joins Helen Jennings of Mosaiko Coaching for a discussion on how an international childhood can impact ATCKs in the workplace, and particularly the experience of repatriation on workers. Helen is an ATCK who works with corporate clients in France, especially those who are experiencing repatriation.

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Tanya Crossman joins host Rhoda Bangerter, an author and member of the diplomatic community, for a discussion of TCK Training's research and what it has to say to families experiencing mobility and family life separated by time and space. Come along for a great conversation about building supportive community whatever your life looks like.

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Lauren Wells joins Rob Magwood on the Global Missions Podcast to share about TCK Training's research - why do it, what it tells us, and the importance of preventive care especially in the missionary context. Come along to learn more about Lauren's heart and vision - and where our research began.

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