2023 Features, Part 5

Features on Parenting TCKs 

Our work and research (and staff!) were featured on a wide variety of blogs, podcasts, and magazines during 2023. This is the fifth and final blog post in a series sharing different features from throughout 2023. 

Supporting parents of TCKs is a key part of our work at TCK Training. We believe that global mobility and an emotionally healthy family life are not incompatible. We support parents to provide their TCKs with preventive care that enables them to thrive long term.

Throughout 2023, our staff were featured multiple times sharing our expertise and care for TCKs and their parents.

2023 Features on Parenting TCKs

In this article for International School Parent magazine, Lauren Wells shares keys to flourishing for children living international lives, giving practical advice to parents.
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Lauren Well and Tanya Crossman returned to the Diesel&Clooney podcast to talk about the latest TCK Training research, the struggle parents have with no model of what it looks like to parent internatioanlly, and practical advice for helping TCKs thrive.
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In this article, Elizabeth Vahey Smith shares a wonderful model for rhythm and routine when your life is regularly disrupted. She offers a method for creating adjustable routines that easily adapt to the stresses and changing seasons of globally mobile life.
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Tanya Crossman joins The Expat Mom to talk through data from TCK Training's research, and what this has to say to parents who are struggling in their international parenting journey.

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In this follow up episode, Tanya Crossman shares practical advice on how to support your TCKs through the ups and downs of international life. There are tips for preventive care and hope for parents no matter where they're at.

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Elizabeth Vahey Smith writes about self-care for parents, in a very practical way - for the sake of the whole family. This is not about little treats, but the soul work that enables us to be better parents, such as emotional processing, healthy boundaries, and green-zone moments.

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