2023 Features, Part 3

Features for the Education Sector 

Our work and research (and staff!) were featured on a wide variety of blogs, podcasts, and magazines during 2023. This is the third in a series of five blog posts in which we will be sharing different features from throughout 2023. 

TCK Training does a lot of work with international schools, providing training, curriculum, and support for educators, support staff, students, and parents. Throughout 2023, TCK Training's research and expertise was featured in several education-focused publication. 

We start with a bonus addition from late 2022. In early 2023, this piece was listed in the International School Leader magazine's Top Ten  most popular articles for all of 2023 - despite being published six weeks before the end of the year!

2023 Features in the Education Sector

Tanya Crossman co-authored this article applying TCK Training's research to international school settings with experienced international school counselor Lynn Kogelmann. We were delighted when it was announced as one of the magazine's ten most read articles in 2022, despite its late publication date!

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Lauren Wells writes about toxic stress, how it impacts children experiencing global mobility, and practical ways parents can understand and positively impact their children's transition stress cycle.

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Tanya Crossman shares some of TCK Training's research on the prevalence of abuse and neglect among TCKs attending intenrational schools, along with information about the necessity of providing robust support to globally mobile families. Find the article on page 30 of the February edition.

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Elizabeth Vahey Smith talks with Chuck Deitch in an incredibly powerful discussion of ways parents can provide emotionally safe space for their children, and practical steps to help children have an emotionally positive childhood.
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Tanya Crossman shares data from TCK Training's research related to the experiences of boarding school students. Links between boarding school and several outcomes - both positive and negative - are discussed, along with how to make good educational choices for your own unique family situation.
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Elizabeth Vahey Smith writes about the particular educational experience of worldschooling, and how to provide an emotionally healthy experience that allows the whole family to thrive.

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Elizabeth Vahey Smith joins the Transformed podcast by TeachBeyond to talk about her book The Practice of Processing. They discuss what processing is, why it matters, and how to do it.

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