2023 Features, Part 4

Features for Adult TCKs 

Our work and research (and staff!) were featured on a wide variety of blogs, podcasts, and magazines during 2023. This is the fourth in a series of five blog posts in which we will be sharing different features from throughout 2023. 

Supporting Adult TCKs is a key part of our work at TCK Training. While we also focus on preventive care, we know that not all TCKs receive preventive care. Letting Adult TCKs know they are not alone in their feelings and struggles, and helping them hold the good and hard things of their childhood together, is vital work.

Throughout 2023, our staff were featured multiple times sharing our expertise and care for Adult TCKs. 

2023 Features for Adult TCKs

In this article Lauren Wells writes about the underlying causes of anxiety most commonly present in Adult TCKs. She offers suggestions for how practioners can best understand and support their Adult TCK clients.
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Tanya Crossman explains the concept of cross-cultural intersectionality, and ways that TCKs can have many layers of cross-cultural childhood experiences.
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Lauren Wells shares her own experiences as a TCK beginning university studies in her passport country, and struggling to connect. She offers advice for those supporting TCKs through the transition to university life.
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TCK Training intern and Adult TCK Iona McHaney shares a story from her time as a missionary kid, and why it's hard to sum up the complexity of a life overseas simply when someone asks "What was your childhood like?"

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Tanya Crossman shares lessons learned through living in limbo over an extended period of time, and how to keep moving forward even in seasons of life when it seems like you're stuck.

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