2022 Round Up, Part 3

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Our work and research (and staff!) were featured on a wide variety of blogs, podcasts, and magazines during 2022. Here is a round up of features geared toward parents, caregivers, and anyone in the community who seeks the wellbeing of Third Culture Kids. 


Lauren Wells and Tanya Crossman combined forces to produce this article for International School Parent Magazine, which was featured in their both print and online editions. It combines an overview of TCK Training’s ACEs research as well as practical tips for preventive care.

Click here to read the online edition.

Lauren Wells wrote this piece for Families In Global Transition, in which she shares an insightful analogy for TCK care from her experiences as a backyard vegetable gardener.

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Appearing on In Transit with Sundae Bean was a vision board worthy goal for Lauren Wells which made her year! She and Tanya joined in conversation with Sundae. There were tears and laughter, and mama bear fierceness in our passion to protect and support globally mobile families.

Click here to listen to the episode.

Lauren Wells also appeared on the Love Your Expat Life podcast with Caroline Giffon, talking about emotional resilience in TCKs, and lots of practical ways for parents and caregivers to support the TCKs in their lives.

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TCK therapist Dr Rachel Cason chats with Tanya Crossman about TCK Training’s ACEs research, and how these risk factors play out in the lives of TCKs.

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Around the time our first white paper launched, Tanya Crossman chatted with Ping Robert about TCK Training’s research, and different ways this can impact globally mobile communities.

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This profile of Tanya Crossman on Women Who Walk was the first appearance to feature our research!

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