2022 Round Up, Part 5

Resources for Adult Third Culture Kids

Our work and research (and staff!) were featured on a wide variety of blogs, podcasts, and magazines during 2022. We have started to make our research more accessible to Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) — adults who spent time living abroad as children. Here are three features from 2022 that are well suited to the ATCK audience. Stay tuned for more research-based writing for ATCKs coming up in 2023!

2022 Features

Tanya Crossman wrote a piece for Among Worlds magazine, in their Risk-themed edition. She reflects on her experiences as a teenage TCK and the research on risks TCK Training has done. She invites ATCKs to reflect on their own experiences and the long-term impact they have had.

Click here to read the online edition.

ATCK therapist Dr Rachel Cason wrote this blog post sharing her reflections upon reading TCK Training’s research, including her questions and hope for future research.

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Lauren Wells and Tanya Crossman both joined hosts Jerry Jones and Chris O’Shaughnessy for this incredibly fun podcast episode. TCK Training’s work and research is discussed, in between accent shifts and a whole lot of laughter! Lauren said it was the most fun she’d ever had recording a podcast - so don’t miss it!

Click here to listen to the episode.