SEL for TCKs: Transition Curriculum

The first installment in our SEL for TCKs series, our Transition Curriculum includes 4 lessons, with three separate age bands suitable for K-12. 

Four lessons
  1. Exploring the Three Phases of Transition
  2. Transition and Our Emotions
  3. Good Goodbyes
  4. Starting Again

Three grade bands

Elementary: designed for K-4
Middle Years: designed for grades 5-8
Secondary: designed for grades 9-12

Each lesson comes with:
  • key learnings and outcomes
  • lesson plan
  • activity directions
  • slides for presenting content to students
  • handouts when needed (colour and black&white versions)
  • set up instructions
  • list of simple materials needed

A lot of flexibility is built in so you can easily adapt to your environment, class group, and personal preferences. All lessons are designed to use minimal, easily accessible materials. 

Includes three grade bands, suitable for K-12


Unlimited use with single purchase


Curriculum contains content slides and activity handouts


4 lessons, total
6 hours of content (2 hours per grade band)



Why should I purchase this curriculum?

For school leaders

For school counselors

For parents

This curriculum is the perfect add-on to any SEL curriculum, covering TCK-specific themes missing from most curricula.
Each lesson includes both content and activities, clearly laid out so that advisory leaders and classroom teachers can teach the curriculum themselves!
Recommend this curriculum to your child's school to ensure their community is well-versed in the different aspects of transition, and are equipped to support each other through the various stages of transition.